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Upcoming events

    • 20 Aug 2022
    • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    • Leilani Estates, corner of Malama and Kumakahi
    Grab some ice cream and hang out with your HIPS friends in the incredible Moani-Lundkivist Garden.  Bob Carrere and Andy Pesce welcome us back to their garden for an afternoon of plant bartering or selling.  If you were surprised that all your seeds sprouted or cuttings of a favorite plant rooted and now have too much of a good thing, we encourage you to clear out your shade house and get something else you want. Trade or sell your extra palms or other tropical plants, just please test and treat for fire ants. We are setting up along the dead end road next to the garden so you can open your trunk, set up a table, even pitch a tent for shade or rain. 

    HIPS will provide drinks and ice cream, served in the garden pavilion.  Enjoy wandering past hundreds of palm species in one of the most famous private palm gardens in the world. If you missed the garden tour last December be sure to see it this time.

    Register so we can bring the right amount of ice cream and to reserve space if you plan to bring plants.  Please be considerate of the neighbors. Carpooling is appreciated, parking will be along the streets.  This is a totally outdoor event, so wearing face masks is each person’s choice.

    • 9 Oct 2022
    • 15 Oct 2022
    • Oahu, Big Island Banquets in Hilo

    The International Palm Society invites its members in Hawaii to join selected pieces of the full biennial itinerary at special rates. 


    Oahu Island Package October 9 –11, 2022

    The IPS offers experiences not possible on package tours, or even what you can have on your own. These experiences are made even more enjoyable since you will be travelling with companions that share your passion for palms, gardens, and conservation.  Walking under mature trees in the Foster Botanical Garden is event better when you know that these trees were planted by Dr. William Hillebrand on land leased from the Hawaiian queen Kalama in 1853. IPS volunteers will lead you through the vast 400 acre Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden, so big it allows overnight camping. Explore one of the world’s largest palm collections at the Lyon Arboretum with IPS experts that have been coming there for years.  $450

    A la Carte Banquet and Lecture Nights in Hilo


    October 11th Welcome to Hilo Banquet, Hilo Hawaiian Hotel

    Help welcome your friends in the IPS to Hawaii Island.  Welcome speaker Don Hemmes will talk about the history of HIPS, the palm collection at Panaewa Zoo and Botanical Garden, and the UHH Palm and Cycad collection he founded.  $150


    October 12th Banquet and Lecture, Hilo Hawaiian Hotel

    Catch up with Andrew Henderson recently back from the Dominican Republic studying Cocothrinax which is now his favorite genus.  That is really saying something since he has described nearly 300 species of palms new to science and has written 10 books on palms covering the world from A Field Guide to the Palms of the Americas (in collaboration with Rodrigo Bernal and Gloria Galeano) to Palms of Vietnam.  Andrew is Curator Emeritus at the New York Botanical Garden $150



    October 15th Farewell Banquet, Hilo Hawaiian Hotel

    Say goodbye to your new friends and old ones at a festive night filled with Hawaiian music and hula.  $170



    The above offers are for IPS members at the paid membership level living in Hawaii.  Already a member?  Register Now


    Not an IPS member?  You should be, Join today!  

    • 5 Nov 2022
    • Panaewa Zoo and Botanical Garden

    Our popular arbor day event is our most effective community outreach program.  We will host demonstrations and talks about propagating and caring for palms at the Zoo's main pavilion.  We will distribute free seeds and literature, and of course give away some keiki palms.

    To volunteer or supply seeds or palms, contact Rick Kelley at ricklkelley@att.net

Past events

16 Jul 2022 Austin Garden & Nursery Plant Sale
21 May 2022 Master Class at Floribunda Palms
27 Mar 2022 2022 Rare Palm Auction
4 Dec 2021 Moani:Lundkvist Garden
30 Oct 2021 The Kalapana Garden of Robert Welsch and David Davenport
3 Oct 2021 October Plant Sale/Ice Cream Social/Open Gardens in Leilani Estates
28 Aug 2021 Garden of Robert Welsch and David Davenport
10 Jul 2021 Panaewa Zoo Work Day
10 Jun 2021 HIPS Board Meeting
3 Oct 2020 Master Class at Floribunda Palms
25 Jul 2020 Kelley Orchidland Garden Tour
7 Feb 2020 2020 Dinner & Palm Auction
17 Jan 2020 Extreme Botany - Discovering New Palm Species in Remote Locations of Colombia
14 Jan 2020 Hawaii State Public Libraries Present: Bringing New Palms to Local Cultivation, by Jeff Marcus
8 Nov 2019 An Evening With Jason Dewees, Author of Designing With Palms
7 Nov 2019 HIPS Board Meeting
2 Nov 2019 Palms 101 at the Panaewa Zoo and Botanical Garden
19 Oct 2019 Zoo Work Day
6 Oct 2019 Potluck and Palm Sale - at the Ferazzi's Farm
7 Sep 2019 Davis Dalbok Garden Tour Opihikao
28 Aug 2019 HIPS Board Meeting
11 Aug 2019 Hilo Garden Tour: Tim Brian and Bob Gibbens
20 Jul 2019 Hertzberg Garden and Armstrong Garden and Nursery Tours
27 Jun 2019 Palm and Orchid Display and Community Outreach
8 May 2019 HIPS Board Meeting
5 May 2019 Panaewa Zoo and Botanical Garden Plant Sale
8 Mar 2019 HIPS Information Booth at the BIAN Spring Horticultural Show and Plant Sale
8 Feb 2019 2019 Annual Dinner & Palm Auction
26 Jan 2019 Zoo Work Day
1 Dec 2018 The Thompson Garden : A Demonstration Garden in Kona
9 Nov 2018 Palms of Colombia the International Palm Society 2018 Biennial Slideshow

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