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Hawaii Island Palm Society

Where to buy palms on Hawaii  

The following vendors are strong supporters of HIPS, and they deserve your support too!

Austin's Nursery - Bill Austin

In Kurtistown.  By appointment only (808)345-6158

Unusual Palms and other exotics - his garden and nursery are a HIPS garden tour favorite.

Armstrong, Tony

In Hawaii Paradise Park.  By appointment only  (808) 269-4969

Palms, bromeliads, anthuriums, philodendrons, other exotic tropical plants and edible plants.  They also have aquatic plants (about 20 different kinds) and tropical fish (Guppies, Platies, Swordtails, Gold Barbs, Long fin Cherry Barbs, White Cloud Minnows).

Jerry and Cindy Andersen

In Leilani.  By appointment only, 808-965-6571

Jerry and Cindy's nursery is set in their lovely and resilient Leilani garden, a 2017 HIPS garden tour highlight.  Long time palm collectors and nursery owners in Southern California, they now focus their business here in Hawaii, specializing in rare and unusual palms and other tropicals.

Davis Nursery/Paniolo Palms

Bob and Jan Davis

In Pepeekeo. By appointment (808) 935-4281

Started in 2006, Bob and Jan specialize in palms and bamboo.  They have larger palms and field stock too.

Floribunda Palms

Jeff and Suchin Marcus

In Hawaiian Acres.  By appointment only, $100.00 minimum

(808) 966-8003

Recognized by the International Palm Society in 2013 for their passionate encouragement of the preservation, study and culture of palms, Jeff and Suchin have possibly the world's most famous palm nursery.  Their palm collection houses type specimens for several newly described species and plays host to visitors from around the globe.

Visit their website for their price list

and ordering information:

Basic and Useful Information About Palms

Click here: Palms 101

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P.O. Box 1585, Kea'au, Hi   96749

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