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Kristin McGrath Cycad Garden

  • 24 Feb 2019 7:51 AM
    Message # 7184607

    Last June Pat McGrath approached Rick Kelley from the HIPS Zoo Crew about donating cycads to the Panaewa Zoo in memory of his wife Kristin.  When Rick showed up to collect the plants in his truck, he wasn't prepared for the size of the plants.  Rick said that Pat laughed and had his guys load them into one of his trucks. 



    • Encephalartos natalensis
    • Encephalartos ferox
    • Encephalartos villosus
    • Encephalartos lebomboensis

    Rick met with Pam Mizuno and the rest of the HIPS Zoo Crew to locate a suitable location for the new garden.  Here is the proposed site:

    I'll let Rick take over the storytelling about the site selection and how a boy scout may have chosen the construction of the garden as his scout project.

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